We are an online Academy that aims to educate students with video and online tools. Our passion is to make personalised online education accessible and affordable to parents.

Video and technology is the future. Our goal is to provide supplementary learning to improve marks. We make learning fun and interesting. The Lit Academy Learning Portal not only covers the CAPS and IEB syllabus but also includes online exercises, tests, past papers with answers and live webinars.

With our innovative technology, parents are kept up to date with the children’s progress and results.

Here’s the story about how it all started:


If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, then Lit Academy has an affordable, easy solution for you. We understand the challenges that both parents and teachers face.In today’s world of constant disruptions due to technology. Lit Academy embraces technology and uses it as the most powerful tool for learning. Cellphones, tablets and computers are used as a tech tool instead of a disruption.